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Electrical Estimator

At Majesty Consultancy Inc, we offer quality and cost-effective NY electrical estimating to all our clients. 

Our electrical estimators are here to help provide Professional Estimation of any electrical installations, logistics, and labor needed for any commercial or residential projects.

Electrical estimations are provided by reviewing and understanding all project plans, requirements, and specifications, as well as assessing project risks, to determine the needs and costs of materials, labor, and equipment. We are simply here to serve and make your electrical estimation project a success.

Majesty Consultancy Inc also help to; 

  • Generate RFI's.

  • Meeting representation.

  • Site walk through representation.

  • Project document reviews.

  • Change orders

  • Scope sheet reviews.

  • Value engineering for cost efficiency

  • Generate schedule of values.

  • Develop GC's AIA sheet.

Low voltage estimators
Low Voltage

Through our low voltage estimation services, we provide digital technology estimation ranging from telecom/data communication, security, audio, fire alarm control  systems. 


Here at Majesty, we help our clients to develop accurate low voltage estimates that determine the materials, cost of materials, labor, and equipment needed to complete your project.


Our Services includes:

  • Telecom / Data

  • Security System / Access Control System

  • Audio/Voice System

  • Intercom

  • Nurse Call

  • Fire Alarm System

  • BDA Systems


We Specialize in Mechanical Engineering Designs from Concepts to Production.


You  can always count on us for design analysis, manufacturing, industrial  project management and mechanical systems development.

We apply principles of engineering, physics, and materials science and utilize various engineering applications to generate and test prototypes designed to requested specifications. All services in this category are listed in points below;


  • Mechanical Components 2D/3D

  • ANSYS FEA Analysis


  • Research and Development

Cogs Illustration
Renewable Energy

As the future is shifting towards Alternative Energy and sustainability, Majesty Consultancy Inc is here to helps clients understand their energy inefficiencies and options. We present solutions that not only minimize impacts on the environment but also save money.


We help you:

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Renewable energy alternatives

  • Achievement of sustainability and conservation

Sustainable Energy
Electrical Estimators in NY

At Majesty Consultancy Inc, we lead project teams from pre-planning through post-construction and onboarding. Our proactive approach eliminates the risk of ill-informed decision-making based on predictable outcomes.


We provide a simplified project management support services within the specifics of;

  • Daily management of the project
  • Project documentations
  • Daily project reports
  • Change order logs
  • Procurement Logs and Lead time
  • 2 week outlook at project execution


MEP Coordination Models

Our MEP team helps to provide 3D models and coordinated with other trades to ensuring no conflicts during construction.

Our 3D MEP models are created using AutoCAD and Navisworks to model the required scope of work.

We provide the following MEP coordination's;

  • Project as-builts for monthly requisition submission

  • Project as-builts for end of project closeouts

  • Layouts and coordinate axis for onsite crew construction 

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Established in 2016 as an Engineering Consulting firm, Majesty Consultancy has evolved into a multi-faceted engineering consulting firm with a determined focus on providing support services that add value at every step of a project’s development.

Today, we continue to serve our clients in the areas of 2D-3D Design and Modelling, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Low Voltage-Data, Security Estimation and Project Management — we solve problems, deliver solutions, and drive results.


Our exceptional 2D-3D Design and Modelling, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Estimation and Project Management skills have led to us becoming one of the most successful and innovative Construction Engineering Project Management firms in our industry. We operate with optimal efficiency, we hire and train the most talented and motivated team leaders, and we actively explore opportunities to improve and add value in the most cost effective way.






At Majesty Consultancy our Estimators are always available to provide solutions that are practical and achievable. Our job is to help bring your project from concept to completion.

Our estimators help create a personalized electrical estimation and project management solutions that help bring the best possible use of time, effort, and resources.

We help cater to clients all over Untied States and the world with Energy sustainability by Managing their energy consumption and creating solutions that not only minimize impacts on the environment but also save a lot of money.

Our Main vision as a company is to always provide the best Professional  Design and Modelling, Estimations and Project Management Service at the fraction of the cost. We make it affordable, so you can focus on the projects at hand.






For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (917) 257-6130 or fill out the following form

Head Office

The Helmsley Building,

230 Park Avenue, 3rd Floor West,

New York, NY 10169.

Tel: 917-257-6130


To apply for a job with Majesty Consultancy Inc, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 917-257-6130
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