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What is an Electrical Estimator ?

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

An Electrical estimator is a professional that specializes in a type of cost estimation who's job is to calculate the projected costs involved in electrical projects. These estimates are often used as a guide to bid for the work, which can be leveraged against other bids depending on the type and magnitude of the job. Electrical estimators typically work in both the commercial and residential construction industries. There are no specific degree programs, but often classes in cost estimation are part of construction management or engineering programs. Training and getting licensed as an electrician is also a good start.

What is the role of an Electrical Estimator?

Electrical estimators have a very important job in a construction project and their work can be broken down into four essential steps:

Read and review blueprints

Observe and evaluate exactly what’s going on with a commercial, residential, or industrial project, electrical estimators need to go over the blueprints. More specifically, they’re looking at what electrical elements are needed such as workstations, major appliances, fixtures, and utility locations.

Estimate the Cost of Materials

Now that the estimator has a good knowledge of what needs to be done, the next part of his job is to figure out what materials are needed and how much it’s going to cost. The next is wiring, tools, custom fixtures, and electrical parts. If these costs exceed the project’s budget he or she has to come up with ways to save money by either getting cheaper materials or finding other suppliers.

Estimate Labor Needs

The number of subcontractors needed to do the electrical work? Can the current crew get the job done? An electrical estimator determines just how many people it will take to work on a project as well as how long it will take. This is important information for a builder to know so they can adjust their timelines accordingly.

Prepare bids on projects

Making good use all the information they gathered in the first three steps, electrical estimators put together bids or proposals for work on a particular construction project. They follow submission guidelines and make sure their bid has all the necessary information – including costs and timelines – that a proposing company needs to pick a contractor.

We know the importance of having the right cost estimate especially when bidding for a job. That is why Majesty Consultancy inc and nyc estimators are here to help you with all your electrical and low voltage estimation. give us a call today @ 929-274-5732 to speak with one of our Estimators to help with you project.

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